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True Crime meets History: Inside the gripping podcast ‘’Lady Killers with Lucy Worsley’’

If you’re a true crime lover or a history fan, then the podcast “Lady Killers with Lucy Worsley” should definitely be on your listening list. Hosted by the historian, author, and broadcaster Lucy Worsley, the podcast digs into the fascinating and often chilling stories of female murderers who have made their mark on history.

Each episode of Lady Killers focuses on a different woman who committed a violent crime, ranging from poisoners to axe-wielding killers. Worsley’s engaging storytelling style draws listeners in as she uncovers the details of each case, exploring the women’s motivations and the social and cultural context in which they lived.

One of the standout features of Lady Killers is Worsley’s ability to blend historical facts with anecdotal details, all delivered with a dry wit. Her knowledge and research allow her to provide a detailed and nuanced picture of the women she discusses, providing listeners with a deeper understanding of the historical context and lives of these women.

The podcast also challenges traditional stereotypes and misconceptions about female killers. Throughout history, women who committed violent crimes were often viewed as aberrations, breaking with traditional gender roles and societal expectations. However, as Lady Killers highlights, women were just as capable of committing violent acts as men. By exploring the motivations and experiences of these women, Worsley encourages us to rethink our assumptions about gender and violence.

One of the other strengths of Lady Killers is its focus on lesser-known stories. While there are some infamous cases discussed in the podcast, such as that of the notorious poisoner Mary Ann Cotton, many of the women featured are not as well-known. This allows the podcast to shed light on stories that may have been overlooked in traditional historical narratives, providing a more diverse and nuanced view of history.

Overall, Lady Killers with Lucy Worsley is a compelling and informative podcast that is well worth a listen. With its engaging storytelling, historical insight, and focus on lesser-known stories, it provides a fresh and thought-provoking perspective on women and violence throughout history. So if you’re looking for a podcast that combines true crime with history, then Lady Killers is definitely worth adding to your playlist. And who knows, you might even stumble upon an intriguing lady killer whose story deserves a Wikipedia article of its own!

Listen to the episodes here➡️ BBC Radio 4 - Lady Killers with Lucy Worsley.


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