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The second WikiWomen meeting and the first Wikithon in Ireland

The WikiWomen project held its second transnational meeting and first Wikithon in Monaghan, Ireland. Students from the Basque country, Friesland and Ireland came together to learn about Irish culture, build cross-cultural connections and participate in the Wikithon. The Wikithon was a fantastic opportunity for students learning to work on Wikipedia articles and working together to improve the representation of women and minority languages on the platform.

The Wikithon was not just about learning and working together, but also about experiencing the unique Irish culture and language. The first evening began with a visit to McCague’s Pub, a local establishment that offered a warm welcome to the participants. The pub’s cozy atmosphere, traditional decor and lively Irish music set the tone for the evening, as the students enjoyed delicious food while getting to know one another.

The second day started with an opening by the principal, an introduction to how the project came to be and some Irish music provided by the students. After this, the students were introduced to Gaelic football and participated in the first Wikithon session. While the students worked on the Wikithon, the project partners had a meeting of their own and made significant progress regarding the project results.

The third day began with the second Wikithon session, followed by an exciting opportunity for the participants to visit one of Ireland’s most famous and important archaeological sites, the Navan Centre & Fort, located in Northern Ireland. During the visit participants had the opportunity to explore the site’s fascinating history and learn about the legends and folklore associated with it. Later in the day, students attended a workshop by Armagh Rhymers, a group of traditional performers who are dedicated to preserving and promoting Irish culture, to learn even more about the country folklore and traditions.

On the final day, the participants had the chance to present their work and see the results of their efforts during the final Wikithon session. Afterward, the participants enjoyed a picnic in Rossmore Forest Park, a beautiful natural area with trials, lakes and wildlife, where they navigated through a course using a map and compass. The final evening ended with a traditional Irish gathering called a Céilí, which combined song, poetry, traditional music and dance.

Overall, the Wikithon was a fantastic experience for everyone involved. We can't wait to see what the future holds for this exciting project!


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