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Wikipedia’s Missing Women – a podcast by the Europeans

In a thought-provoking episode of the Europeans podcast, the hosts delved into the pervasive issue of gender bias on Wikipedia. While the online encyclopaedia stands as one of the most popular sources of information worldwide, it suffers from a glaring lack of representation when it comes to women and their remarkable achievements.

During the podcast, special guest Rebecca O’Neill shed light on the underrepresentation of women on Wikipedia and the efforts being made to address this issue. Initiatives like WikiGap have emerged, aiming to bridge the gender gap by increasing the visibility and recognition of women on Wikipedia. The hosts of the podcast also applauded the dedicated work of individual editors and campaigners who have taken it upon themselves to enhance diversity and representation on the platform.

Moreover, the discussion also touched upon another crucial aspect of Wikipedia’s impact – the preservation of minority languages. By providing a platform for documenting and sharing information in these languages, Wikipedia helps to safeguard their vitality and cultural heritage.

The podcast was an insightful and engaging discussion of an important issue. The lack of representation of women and minority languages on Wikipedia poses a significant challenge, one that needs to be addressed. As the hosts noted, Wikipedia holds immense power in shaping our understanding of the world, and its paramount that it reflects the true diversity and richness of the human experience.

Rebecca O’Neill, a dedicated advocate for inclusivity on Wikipedia, is committed to writing the biographies of famous Irish women into the Wikiverse. In fact, this podcast is where the WikiWomen project originated. Want to know more about this? Read our next blogpost!


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