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Zer egingo dugu?
What are we working on?

We're working to create a generation of secondary school pupils who will be empowered to use Wikipedia to expand and deepen the online presence of their language using their new digital, research and language skills.

We want to increase awareness more broadly of the important role that Wikipedia can play in teaching digital and language skills in an accessible, cross curricular approach.


The project will create tangible products or “results” which help achieve these aims and leave lasting tools which can be used even once the project is over. The results will be promoted in other minority language regions, increasing the impact of the project.

WikiWomen Student Curriculum 


We want to help students create and understand the importance of Wikipedia as a tool for learning about their world, and about how women have shaped it. We do this by giving them the tools they need to write their own biographies of important women who don't yet have an online biography.

The material is designed for secondary school students, but can be adapted for other age groups. It will help students to develop an understanding of why smaller languages are important, and reflect on the way women are represented in history. It will also be available in English, Frisian, Basque and Irish.

It is currently a work in progress and is being tested by schools in The Netherlands, Ireland and Spain.

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WikiWomen Teacher Toolkit 


If you're a teacher or school leader, we want to help you teach your students about Wikipedia and how it can help them learn.

The School Toolkit will be a guide for teachers and school leaders who want to teach digital and research skills through the use of Wikipedia, as well as language skills in minority languages. It will also provide a framework for teachers who want to use Wikipedia in their curriculum, and will include links to resources that will help you work with local GLAMs and language institutions.

We need your help! We're still in the process of developing this toolkit—but once it's ready, we'll share it with you so you can start using it right away.

WikiWomen GLAM Toolkit


A GLAM is a gallery, library, archive, or museum. They are a treasure trove of information, resources and experience that can be used to engage communities in education projects.


In minority language regions they are guardians of regional and linguistic cultural heritage. In these regions they are often supplemented by language institutions who work on the preservation of the regional language as a community language.

The toolkit will help them to implement the WikiWomen programme within their educational outreach activities. It will give them the basis they need to work confidently with Wikipedia, guiding them through aspects such as article writing, moderation and editing.

The toolkit is a work in progress but will soon be developed and tested with schools and GLAMs.

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